About Us

This site is created by a devotee of Shri. Chandralamba Devi. It is not an official Website of the temple. It is an attempt by the devotee to provide information about
Shri Chandralamba Devi and to help the fellow devotees. The information mentioned is correct to the best of his knowledge.

The objective is:

  • To bring all childrens of Amma Chandralamba Devi under one roof and by doing so give utmost joy to the mother.
  • To spread the glory and information related to Sannati temple.
  • To create and publish Aarti, Abhang and Stuti Stotra of Devi Chandralamba.
  • Renovation of Sannati Temple.
  • To provide amenities and help for the devotees.


Contributions in the form of corrections, suggestions or more authenticated information, photographs are always welcome.

There is also a WhatsApp WhatsApp group under the Title "Chandralamba Devi Sannati". You can send request for joining along with your name and consent, on below mentioned number. Please feel free to contact us on:


Mobile No :+91 98901 52518